Responsive HTML5 Development and Why It Matters

The phenomenal rise in the use of mobile devices means more individuals are accessing the web via these devices. Today, you need a responsive web design that will make your website pages look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and smartphones).

It is quite natural to have a question like- What is a responsive website design and what is needed to achieve it. Here is the answer.

Responsive HTML5 development tools enable you to build a responsive web design where the CSS and HTML resize, shrink, enlarge, hide or move the content to make it look good on any screen. While creating a responsive design, the developers use responsive style sheet like W3.CSS that make it easy to develop sites for any screen size. Here are a few reasons why HTML5 responsive design has become important in today’s world.

Build One Website That Serves Everyone

With 2.6 billion smartphones recorded (as per Statista statistics) in the year 2014, businesses are required to focus on mobile users. If you choose to go the traditional website design, you will be required to create a separate website for mobile users.

With responsive web design, you don’t have to worry about creating multiple websites to cater different audiences. With responsive HTML5 development approach, you can have one coded website and one set of content that can adapt to different devices like laptop, desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

Maintaining one website also has other advantages such as a single URL and HTML code. This makes it easier for businesses to manage the website and perform search engine optimization activities to increase rankings.

Ease of Use

According to Google’s Think Insight statistics, around 60% of mobile users get irritated when they are unable to find the content they need when they access desktop versions of the website. With responsive HTML5 development, you can be sure that no matter what mobile device the user has, the website design and content will adapt to the screen size and make it easy for the user to find the information he/she wants quickly.

Faster Loading Time

Responsive web design helps in reducing the loading time of websites. A responsive web design will load more quickly than its desktop version on the mobile device. Longer loading time often frustrates the user and he/she is more likely to abandon a website.

Enhanced User Experience

The user experience matters in the web experience. If the user is frustrated with your website, he/she is more likely to go to your competitor’s website. However, you can ensure a higher level of user experience by adopting a responsive web design that makes navigation easier on the smaller screen and helps the user find the information in lesser time. The result is happy users and more willingness to purchase your product or service.

Earlier, developing mobile websites were the only option for businesses, but they have become a necessity today. Only responsive outsource HTML5 development can ensure all customers have superior website experience irrespective of the device they use to buy your products and services.

Teya Salat